Agoraphobics United

Agoraphobics United

Addictive behaviour, Anxiety disorders (including panic attacks and OCD), Bereavement, Carers/Young Carers, Crisis, Depression (including bi-polar and post natal), Eating Disorders, Faith, Families, General Mental Health, Men, Minority and Ethnic Groups (BME), Post Traumatic Stress, Schizophrenia (including hearing voices and disturbing thoughts), Self Harm, Stress and emotional distress, Suicide, Women, Young People

National: Telephone listening ear service offering support to housebound, agoraphobic, lonely and isolated people. We believe a problem shared is a problem halved.  Calls are free from a UK landline.  We cannot accept calls from mobile phones.

All our volunteers are fully trained listeners. Once your call is diverted to a volunteer, if you are calling on a UK land-line the call is free (we do not have the funding to accept calls from a mobile phone).

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Helpline Office

Office Name: Agoraphobics United
  • 100 Ebery Grove
  • Portsmouth
  • Hampshire
  • PO3 6HQ

Helpline Opening Hours

monday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
tuesday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
wednesday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
thursday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
friday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
saturday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00
sunday:00:01:00 - 24:00:00